– Mandra


As a teacher, choreographer, and Artistic Director of DNE School of Dance, Mandra has shared her passion for dance and the performing arts for over 20 years.  She embraces the art of writing with the same drive and energy.

Mandra started The Writer’s Block Podcast NH with her two co-hosts with the hopes of bringing writers into a community of support, education, and motivation.  Writing is a solitary process, being part of a group helps keep writers inspired and accountable.

In 2002, Mandra received her Master’s in Social Work from Boston University, and later her LICSW.   Her work fuses her experience with significant medical issues with her social work roots.  

She lives a quiet life in her home along a river in northern MA with her adventurous husband, precocious son, and slightly neurotic dog.  They live in a “family compound” surrounded by relatives, much the way she grew up, and  is grateful for the health and wellness they wake up with every day

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